CONTAIN Dream Ko women's romantic fashion mature women

CONTAIN brand design elements from France, a city full of art, because of their artistic sense and romantic temperament and famous. Ke specifically for mature women to provide noble, elegant, intellectual fashion clothing. The brand name symbolizes confidence-confidence, target-goal, attraction-charm, intelligence-wisdom and noble-noble, fully reflecting the modern spirit of urban women's independence and self-confidence.


CONTAIN梦柯女装 塑造浪漫时尚的成熟女性

CONTAIN梦柯女装 塑造浪漫时尚的成熟女性

Founded in 2000, Guangzhou Dream Ke Garments Co., Ltd. is located in Guangzhou, a fashion information and textile manufacturing resource advantage area. It is a garment enterprise integrating design, development, procurement, production and sales. Owns the company's own brand of women- CORON · Ko. Since its establishment, always adhere to the "independent research and development as the core, marketing-oriented" business philosophy. Currently there are more than 50 stores and counters in the country, meanwhile the sales network is expanding and developing in depth.

In order to achieve the goal of "synchronizing brand with market and creating well-known ladies' brand in China," the company adheres to the design concept of "quality, self-confidence, transcendence, fashion and woman", exquisite craftsmanship and layout, and simple style to create a modern urban women Elegant, romantic, stylish. At the same time, the company has established a scientific organization, perfect customer service and franchise system, and has a group of highly creative research and development design talent and experienced brand marketing team, providing a strong guarantee for the operation of the brand!

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