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Dongguan Humen (Princess Weiyen) Hao Yi garment factory was established in 2000, is a design, production and sales in one of the brand children's wear company. The company has created a professional design team, designed for 3 to 13-year-old "little princess" who develop all kinds of fashionable girls' wear. Mainly to produce all kinds of environmentally friendly fabrics such as cotton-based needle (shuttle) weaving dress, flower dress, princess dress, children wedding dress, children's dress skirts, ladies skirts, short skirts, T-shirts, jeans, coats and other children's wear Series of products. Brand positioning: "fashion, elegant, classic." Weina princess set up factories to provide a solid guarantee for quality and production In 2000, the reformer development, a hundred to be unemployed, the princess has built two professional factories, Dongguan City, Hoi Yee children's clothing factory and Qingyuan City, Children's wear garment factory, princess princess adhere to the development of enterprises based on people-oriented, factory employment rather than abuse, spared no expense to attract skilled workers parking spaces and experienced technical personnel, continuous training incentives, give a broad space for development, all staff are high morale and To plant for the home, proud of the factory. Princess victorious courtesy of Korea design consultant to build the trump card design team Vivian princess with aristocratic flavor of the product once quilts counterparts as an imitation of the vane, behind this achievement is the princess has a trump card design team. The company enlisted senior Korean children's wear designer as a brand design consultant, co-ordinate the pulse of the new design plan throughout the year, with a keen sense of the elements of children's fashion popular, uphold reasonable, creative and beyond the design concept, our instinctive instinct Beautiful and unique products are presented in front of you, whether it is style, handmade, fabric or color match, you will experience the princess of Vaina wonderful .... Valance princess princess version comes from the accurate grasp of the scale and angle Many products on the market too much attention to style novelty and dazzling colors, and suddenly ignore the children's version of science and Shu version, this one, it is precisely the princess princess children's attention and attention to detail, princess printable version of the pattern Directly introduced from the original Korean, but also by the 10-year experience of the paper division in accordance with the characteristics of Chinese girls, Qiu Xue accurately grasp the angle and scale to ensure that each printable version of princess princess version of orthodox, wear healthy and comfortable. Valance princess printable market positioning, the rising star of the girl brand elegant princess, aristocratic heritage, princess princess aristocratic taste, pro-price display, precise positioning of the girls market, featured 150 new quarterly listing, intentions to create a fashion princess wardrobe , Has been widely recognized by customers, customers in South Korea, Japan and other Southeast Asian countries and domestic Beijing, Hainan, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Kunming, Haikou, Kaiping and other cities, a rising star of the girl brand. . .

Our world famous dreamy Fur Cushion made from 100% real soft and fluffy Tibetan Lamb Fur on one side of the pillow,backed with faux suede backing. 

All of our cushions are fully lined on both the front and back to provide stability and longevity. You can fill the cushion with a stuffing material or pillow of your choice. 

They add a touch of softness, beauty, and warmth to any room.The cushion fur is over 3.5 inches long. All colors are professionally dyed. 

Tibetan Lamb Fur Cushion is a luxurious fur that is incredibly soft, silky and curly.

Few things are more inviting than our Mongolian Lamb Pillow Covers. Their soft texture cozies up sofas and chairs.
Mongolian Lamb Fur; faux suede backing.

Each lamb fur is unique; curl lengths and coloring may vary slightly.Accommodates west elm Decorative Pillow Inserts (sold separately).

mongolian lamb fur cushion

Fur Cushion

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