Children's clothing shop "unique" marketing new ideas

Now what seems on the market price increases, that is, no longer in the pocket RMB, this time in a timely fashion discount discounts, it is difficult to arouse the desire of consumers to buy, many children's clothing shops are facing high-quality products are not sold And other troubling issues. This Xiaobian feel that both children's clothing store sales promotion should be decisive breakthrough and innovative ideas. SMS marketing new ideas Today, SMS marketing is a very popular way of promoting children's clothing franchisees may wish to try SMS promotions. In the current consumer dilemma, the owner should use a new model to innovate the development of the store, and the introduction of SMS marketing discounts, direct access to the terminal consumer groups, so that more customers can be aware of the promotions. Through the "1 cents VIP benefits to enjoy the" activities, the use of information and address the site can reach the characteristics of mobile terminals, by sending text messages, access to concessions to attract customers to participate in activities in order to increase popularity and into the store rate, to the vast number of consumer solicitation prospective customers, Loyal customer details file to provide secondary marketing data resources for active marketing. To make your target consumers look "unique", the "One Unique" brand of children's wear shows marketing. In particular, the "One" blockbuster success has created a healthy development of "one hundred schools of thought" outlets. "A" as a sample market target-oriented, in the actual process of opening a shop, the area can not be "one", then choose the first position; sales can not do the first, to achieve the image of the first ; The main business district can not do first, you can also be the first in the business district; and so on. The "One" is a high degree and needs some components to complete it, so "One" becomes a kind of competitive establishment, seize the first place in the shop process everywhere, people tend to remember your First, few people will have a greater excitement toward the future goals of "one" and "one" will easily form a profound memory. "Strong" easy to accumulate brand image in the minds of consumers, increase the probability of transactions, play an important role in radiation. Analysis of the lot where the shop, the shop's configuration has a first-rate conditions, which is the "Wang" shop key components. As parents we all want children to wear the most beautiful, as consumers we all want to buy the most cost-effective. A dilemma, when a discount message about a children's wear brand, it will naturally lead to the public for the purchase. Want to open a good shop, promotion skills are on the one hand, site selection, service, display, etc. are very important, there are a lot of learning, and only continuous learning and exchange can achieve better development. Qingdao, Weihai, Yantai, China's coastal ports, the nearest coastal city from South Korea, the Korean trend and the South Gate of the Korean influence of the formation of a Korean children's clothing style, Yantai rice doll costumes, with foreign professional designers team, the domestic first-class production Pipeline, with advanced management processes and experience, has gradually become a well-known brands in the industry Tel: National toll-free: Address: No. 9 Xishan Road, Zhifu District, Yantai City, Shandong Province on the 9th Website: com

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