Telemarketing "Knowledge"

[China Glass Network] Telephone sales is a relatively basic means for salespersons and customers to contact, but how can we succeed? Netizens have provided us with practical experience accumulated by him.

1. Don't be afraid to interrupt you after the other party is connected. Don't be afraid to say nothing.
What you have to do is: Do you really understand the product you want to sell? What I mean is that in addition to the basic product performance profile, think about what you want to know if you are a customer? Down, you can think of the questions that customers will ask, and then write your corresponding answers. The more important thing is to find a friend in the industry who you trust will not be shy, to help you see if there is any better answer? The answer to you has been affirmed, psychologically you already have a little confidence - [this is your sacred trick].

2, knowing yourself

Before the phone, we are better able to check the other party's information from the Internet or other channels. The customer is more annoyed and asked about their company without knowing you. They will feel that this is wasting their time. So these premise is that we have to prepare in advance.

3, be careful

You must call carefully on the other party's phone number. People who are nervous and can't relax themselves are more likely to make such episodes. Don't ignore it, because my personal experience shows that when this state occurs, your psychology can't be calmer. The visit is unfavorable.

4. Are you ready? Let's Go...

If it is telemarketing, I think it is more appropriate to choose the beginning of self-introduction [except of individual cases], and the customer has his concerns. If we are screaming about our identity, it is very likely that this visit will be Stopped.

Put the information of the customer you want to ask at the right time and ask me if I personally think it is not suitable to ask when the phone is not long. This will make the other party feel threatened and even bored with you...

Generally speaking, the product introduction will not take up a lot, most of them are questions and answers between the customer and you... At this time, you should feel happy because the other party is asking about your product and explaining your previous efforts... This time is Guan Jian, your little [kit] can be used to the people who are attentive. At this time, there will be another thing: to ask the customer what is not in the [[Jin]], record... A smart friend knows, of course, [accumulation] constantly expands your [collection]. One day you will find that the original [kit] has been left in your mind, you are a successful person.

Of course, it is very important that even the best [kit] can not be read like an endorsement. The communication method of telemarketing is not as good as facetoface. It is indeed a much better helper than the body language of mail. If you can't see it, you must always keep smiling. If you are wrong, don't panic, if you say it, you have to explain it carefully. If you think that you have made a mistake, it is necessary to explain it. If the customer has not made a sound for a long time, don't talk to himself because it is very likely that the customer is not listening. Since it is communication, it is both sides. When we talk to customers on the phone, we have to ask one or two questions from time to time, or ask the other person to pay attention or express a tone of speech to ensure that the other party is listening. Have you heard in? How much do you listen to? You think it is necessary to add If you can, simply repeat the missing part of the customer.

If you are a more emotionally motivated person, there is a small trick: Do you have a picture or a photo? If you see the mood, you will be wonderful and wonderful. Down, come up, Put it on the computer and make a desktop, you can start to call... Hehe, I put a coffee cat that makes a strange image to me [First, oh, this is just a side door, look at personal preferences, don’t take Baoquan Press on it.

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