New Fashion Popularity Interpretation in 2012

Lead: Alcohol cooked, sloppy, not delicate, not artificial. The new popular hot spots allow girls to find themselves again, and to abandon the stereotyped elements of fashion should be firmly grasped. Now it is announced for you!

2012 Hot Spots: White & Black

The perfect blend of black and white shows the classic charm and becomes synonymous with capable, seductive, mysterious and sexy.


White &Black White and Black

Partial decoration: The hollow neckline worn by the collar breaks dullness and brings superbness to a large area of ​​dark dress. (model left)

Black white-collar shirt 469 yuan / Jeanasis black long-sleeved dress 8380 yuan / Max Mara shoes 4250 yuan / Salvatore Ferragamo White pearl necklace, ring new products are not priced / MURUA

Transparent material: The combination of different materials is full of fun and fashionable, and the texture is soft and mellow. (model right)

New white shirts are not priced / Celine white pants new pricing / Celine white platform shoes 7600 yuan / Celine


Double stacking

Double layered wear: loose and simple blouse with a bow tie shirt reveals a bold atmosphere. (model left)

White skirt 99 yuan / ASOBIO White shirt 11200 yuan / Salvatore Ferragamo Black short sleeve jacket 3190 yuan / DKNY Black boots 9200 yuan / Salvatore Ferragamo Black hat 399 yuan / ZARA

Splicing design: concise but without losing the handsome splicing design stretched the figure at the same time reveals a competent and independent woman charm. (model)

Black vest dress new products are not priced / Agnes.b shoes 4250 yuan / Salvatore Ferragamo

Simple and wide: The simple dress full of mystery shows the elegant style of intellectual elegance. (model right)

Black skirt 1780 yuan / MAX & Co shoes 4950 yuan / Salvatore Ferragamo

2012 Popular Hot Spots: Tassel Court Fringe

The tassels at the corners of the shirts give the overall look a nuanced charm, creating an exquisitely refined court style with a sense of relaxation.


Tassel Court Fringe

Dark gray knit sweaters take OL white shirts, accompanied by retro dark red shoes to make the streets of the British Fan show. Black glasses 299 yuan / ZARA white shirt 1890 yuan / initial gray skirt new pricing / MOGG PINK black bag 99 yuan / ASOBIO red shoes new pricing / JEANASIS

2012 Popular Hot Spots: Velvet Velvet

If you want an infinitely tempting retro charm, be sure to choose a velvety material and an elegant and nostalgic feeling immediately emerges.


Velvet Velvet

Transparent chiffon print vintage tops take a high waist red short skirt, the overall shape of elegance without losing youth and vitality. Black shawl 899 yuan / MURUA red velvet skirt new pricing / Tapenda retrogallery white lace shirt 399 yuan / ZARA black high heels new pricing / MOGG PINK

2012 Fashion Hot Spot: One piece jumpsuit

The combination of cuteness and personality can be such a perfect combination. The upsurge of trendyness in the new season must not be missed.


One piece jumpsuit

The distinctive style of the ginger yellow jumpsuit was detailed, and the navy sweater looked as if casually dressed. Black striped sweater 379 yuan / Lowrys Farm Yellow jumpsuit 1500 yuan / Snidel

2012 Popular Hot Spots: Stripe Navy Wind Stripes

Handsome, eye-catching, personality This is the charm of the stripes, has been in the trend of the top of the popular people sought after.


Stripe navy wind stripes

Striped navy style coat under different textures with different levels of collocation, highlighting the queen of street shooting. White short skirt 99 yuan / ASOBIO black short-sleeved shirt new pricing / ZARA brown striped sweater 379 yuan / Lowrys Farm

2012 Popular Hot Spots: Ice-cream color Ice Cream

The girl's gentleness and well-behaved, all presented to the ice cream color system to show it, the artificial color is full of infinite affinity.


Ice-cream color Ice cream

The backless design of the light-colored vintage dress is a perfect reflection of the perfect line, and the retro straw hat is the crowning touch. Skirt 399 yuan / ZARA straw hat 790 yuan / Snidel

2012 Popular Hot Spots: Bare skin

This season is the most popular than this skin design, unwittingly reveal a little sexy, has become the most eye-catching initiative single product.


Bare skin topical skin

The unique retro chiffon collar on the strapless short dress is the crowning touch, and the nostalgic hat makes the overall style unique. Black strapless dress 900 yuan / Snidel shoes 1500 yuan shoes / ZARA rivet bag 489 yuan / Jeanasis

Alcohol cooked, whims, not delicate, not artificial. The new popular hot spots allow girls to find themselves again, and to abandon the stereotyped elements of fashion should be firmly grasped. Now it is announced for you!


 1.Usage:Christmas Home Decroration,Christmas Tree Ornament,Party Home Decoration


 2.Characteristic:Glittering And Transluent


 3.Material:High Boron Silicon Glass,Metal


4.Why We are The Best:Our material is eco-friendly,and our painting workers have 25 year experience.


Details Introduction:

1.Put the decal into the warm water,so the film(which has the design) can Separated from the decal.

2.Then our worker attach the film on the ball with specificied tool.

3.Put the ball into drying machine,so the decal can be attched better.

Gift Boxed: The perfect keepsake for any Ohio lover or as a memento of that special, once-in-a-lifetime trip. Arrives in a padded square felt gift box that`s useful for gift giving and safe storage.
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Painting Workers

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