European fashion casual wear YCMD Ying Cai beautiful 2012 new starting point new journey invites you to travel!

Y.CMD is the flagship brand of Dongguan Jiahui Garment Co., Ltd., which is located in the European fashion casual brand, advocating free, gracious, youthful, elegant life philosophy; adhering to this design concept, integrating the most popular styles in the world today, Fabrics, colors, and new creative elements are boldly integrated.

2012 Y.CMD New pattern In the fashion design style, British style and nautical style are full of youthful vitality, light blue, sapphire blue, orange red accents, with white, khaki showing young, stylish, elegant and personal, Bermuda Trousers will be the key to this theme. The military and bohemian wave, integrating the elements of the rural ranch, seek nostalgic emotions, youthfulness, and a more fashionable dress. In color, the classic denim color, while the integration into the depths of military green, dark camel, brown, beige, pink, green, orange, floral embellishment, women's overall handsome but charming, from the inside out A fascinating and stylish atmosphere, men's overalls are whimsical, stylish, and personal. In the handling of various techniques, ribbons, tassels, lace, embroideries, beaded embroidery, and the application of various folds reflect a complex sense of luxury. . The series of prints is mainly in the form of abstract or geometric styles. The exotic folk culture is applied to the design of graphic arts, the treatment of hanging dyeing effects, and the latest elements - sketch prints. The beautiful photo print effect was introduced for 12 years. Summer design. In trousers, denim trousers are the most popular style. Bag-shaped trousers, colored trousers, and checkered trousers are also critical. They are popular in long-pants. Tooling-style jumpsuits, cropped jeans, Bermuda shorts. And super shorts can not be ignored. Bleached denim items are the boldest and most innovative styles of the season. Partially supplemented with faded and torn details, legging jeans are the designer’s decisive flagship style, and flanging jeans are used in tapered pants.

European Fashion Casual Wear YCMD Ying Cai Meidi 2012 New Starting Point New Journey Invitation

2012 new starting point, new journey, YCMD Yingcai beautiful to invite you!

European Fashion Casual Wear YCMD Ying Cai Meidi 2012 New Starting Point New Journey Invitation

Y.CMD locates the urban fashion family with a psychological age of 18 to 30 years old and a core age of 22 to 28 years old. It is mainly aimed at college students and young white-collar workers who pursue fashion. Clothing management is a perceptual economy. This target consumer group has its own unique insights on fashion and its style of dress is not an unusual path. For this reason, Y.CMD insists on products synchronized with European and American fashion trends. The progress of the design, the use of health, environmental protection, comfortable fabrics, perfect delivery system to ensure that new shelves fast, reduce inventory, for the brand franchisees to lift the worries behind, for the brand building has laid a good market foundation.

In 2012, Yingcai Meidi teamed up with Taiwan's popular talented singer Lin Yijia to jointly dedicate European fashion leisure. This will set off a new round of upsurge in the new year.

2012 new starting point, new journey, YCMD Yingcaimeidi look forward to working with you!

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