****, ban can not help?

****, ban can not help? Beijing: Data from environmental monitoring stations show that at 2 o'clock on the first day of the Lunar New Year's Day, the peak hourly concentration of PM2.5 reached 1593 micrograms/cubic meter, which was nearly 80 times higher than the value of 20 micrograms/cubic meter at 6 pm on New Year's Eve.

Nanjing: On the day of the Lantern Festival, the city’s downtown area, fireworks, and Zhentian Lei... The city’s air pollution levels have risen rapidly. At 7 pm, air quality fell from good to pollution, and the pollution index continued to climb. In the main city area, two fires took place one after another. According to the initial judgment of the Nanjing Police, the causes were all related to the accidental discharge of the police.

Regarding the issue of the major holidays, the "ban" and "cannot help" have never stopped. Some people support the discharge of light. They feel that they have been customary since ancient times. Especially for festive occasions such as the Spring Festival, otherwise there is no “taste”. Some people do not support it, of course, taking into account the safety hazards and the pollution hazard to the air environment.

This does not mean that **** has been indiscriminately indiscriminate, and that the cries of people everywhere have been repeated. In today's era of low-carbon environmental protection, shouldn't the ban be allowed? Is the "Green Spring Festival" really a luxury?

Ningbo: In the 2012 Spring Festival “Ningbo Evening News,” the official Weibo’s voting results for the “Discharge, Prohibition?” show that 73% of the participants agreed to discharge the ****, but only required to control it through a reasonable time limit. management.

Do a good job of propaganda work and launch a ban on education. It is possible to widely publicize the significance of the ban by broadcasting notices, hanging slogans, and distributing proposals to residents so as to increase the awareness of the general public to ban the use of renminbi.

Relevant departments intensified inspection and management efforts, formulated work plans for safety management, and paid close attention to four key links: “production, circulation, sales, and discharge”. In particular, for circulation and sales, it is necessary to step up inspections, investigate hidden dangers, and crack down on black fireworks, illegal transportation, and illegal sales.

In accordance with the "Safety Management Regulations" and the "Regulations on the Prohibition of the Discharge of Firecrackers", each locality reasonably established a limited time limit for opening and opening of prohibited areas. For areas that are not suitable for the discharge of explosives*, set a clear prohibition mark.

Implementation of fixed-point paid recovery, by the business and sales qualification of the **** companies to repurchase the unburned ****, scientific treatment of undischarged ****, the implementation of safe storage management, or for some The existence of serious safety hazards (such as defective products, damaged products, etc.) is destroyed.

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