Women's show details recalled to "car era"

Leads: The 1950s were the 'Dream Years', also known as the 'car years'. The automotive industry has made rapid progress during this period of time. Many car models that are now sought after by collectors are born at this time. In 2012 Milan Women's Wear Week, Prada paid tribute to the glorious period of this auto industry.

女装秀场细节回顾  向“汽车年代”致敬(图1)

The 1950s were "dream years," also known as the "car era." With the end of World War II, people ushered in a calm and beautiful new life. The automotive industry has made rapid progress during this period of time. Many car models that are now sought after by collectors are born at this time. They are not only superior in performance, they are also unprecedented in design. In the 2012 Milan Women's Wear Week, Ms. Prada paid tribute to the glorious period of the automotive industry with her new collection.

The show field is filled with a retro style of the 1950s. The design elements of the hottest Cadillac classic sedan at the time appeared on the skirts, handbags, and even the design of the shoes were similar to those of El Dorado, Cadillac's classic car. Models dressed in leather printed short skirts, carrying a car printed handbags. The flame pattern symbolizing the car’s rapid advancement also appeared in the skirt of the pleated skirt and the heel of the high heels. The car elements that represent domineering power and strength are rarely combined with the feminine grace and gracefulness. This style has continued to the new season's advertising: Natasha Poly led a model under the lens of Steven Meisel, turned into a highway girl at the gas station, vows to go through the style of the 1950s.

The cars of the 1950s were no longer just tools for people to go on foot, but they became a must-have for a good life. Car designers took inspiration from airplanes, interior decoration, and even fashion, all of which were used on the exterior of the car to introduce a classic car. Behind this, it is a good time for people to enjoy and enjoy themselves.

"Muscle Car" and "Ice Cream Truck"

At the beginning of the 20th century, when fashion designer Paul Poiret devised a “Hobble Dress” with narrow skirts and inconvenient walks, he once said: “Women wearing the skirts I designed are already in the car. They don’t need to walk. "The subtext is to say "I'm just designing for a few people and where I need to take care of everyone's feelings."

Poiret may not have imagined that after 40 years of his remarks, the car is no longer exclusively for the upper classes but has gone deep into the thousands of ordinary families and has become a necessities of life. In the United Kingdom in 1950, an average of seven cars was owned by each family. By 1959, the average number of families was reduced to “3”. After World War II, the rapid development of heavy industry, the economy continued to prosper, people have more leisure time and more adequate material enjoyment, which are well prepared for the emergence of the automotive industry's golden period. Among them, the U.S. and European cars have a leading position, but the style of the two is completely opposite. Americans think that Europeans produce boring car designs, while Europeans think that Americans only love to play with flowers and do not consider the actual effects of cars.

女装秀场细节回顾  向“汽车年代”致敬(图2)

After the Second World War, the attitude of Americans toward cars has changed 180 degrees. As the amount of money available to people in the hands of more and more, the appearance of the requirements of the goods will be higher and higher. The automobile has emerged as a symbol of a comfortable life from the vehicle. In the United States, the more magnificent the exterior of the car, the more luxurious it represents, and the more sought after it is. The fifties was considered as the peak period of the development of the American auto industry. In this period of time, Cadillac introduced two classic models: Sixty Special and Eldorado. Designer Harley Earl reduced the body of the car in World War II, and made the overall line more rounded, the body more spacious and slender, in line with the people at that time pay attention to comfort and stress psychology. Looking from the side, the lines of the car are straight, full of strength, and the colors range from large red to light blue. The unique car taillight design like a rocket is even more impressive.

Among these rich and novel design elements, many are unintentional actions by designers in order to cater to the government's various policies on traffic safety. For example, several states in the United States have stipulated that since 1958, all cars must have dual headlights. This is an event that has a major impact on the development of the American automobile design. The single headlights and double headlights have also become an important indicator of whether a car is a 1957 model or a 1958 model. Since the number of headlamps has been increased, designers have simply increased the size of the headlights by half to enhance the car's tough qualities. In addition, there are also responses to hot social events. In 1957, the Soviet Union's Sputnik-1 satellite successfully orbited the Earth for a week, marking the opening of the space age. As a result, all kinds of aerospace elements appear on a car, so it does not seem so strange.

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