Textile and garment industry aspires to international survival

On November 24th, the “Xia Lai Ya” Cup Chinese New Forces announced the top ten selection events for the 2011 textile and apparel industry. The relevant experts pointed out that in order to promote independent brands to enter the international market, they must combine national conditions and actual conditions of the company. A quality and efficiency road with Chinese characteristics. Quality has become the focus of competition for Chinese garments going international.

Since 2011, China's textile and apparel industry has actively responded to market risks and actively changed its development approach under the influence of many unfavorable factors such as the large fluctuations in prices of raw materials such as cotton, the appreciation of ***, the tightening of financial policies, and the complex and volatile economic conditions at home and abroad. Overall, it maintained a steady and rapid development. However, China's textile and garment industry has also been affected by the European debt crisis, the US debt crisis and other factors. The world’s major advanced economies have experienced weak economic recovery and the residents’ willingness to consume is not strong. At the same time, the pressure of *** appreciation has continued to increase. The continuous increase in costs has reduced the international competitiveness of China's textile and apparel industries.

According to Lu Jianxin, a person in charge of the China Electronic Commerce Association, with the increasingly fierce global trade competition, quality has become the focus of competition, and improving the quality of products and services is a matter of concern to all countries in the world. China actively adopts international advanced standards, continuously improves its product technology content and its commanding heights and initiative, strives for technical solutions, effectively responds to trade barriers, and achieves a new leap in business. At the same time, vigorously strengthen product development and transformation and upgrade, implement brand strategy and enhance competitiveness. In this process, e-commerce as a strategic emerging industry has played an important role in supporting China's textile and apparel industry in its innovation, transformation, and overall strength. Lu Jianxin also stated that the textile and apparel industry is scattered in various regions and industrial agglomeration areas in China, and the deep application of the industry e-commerce will undoubtedly be a powerful engine and booster for the development of these enterprises, industries, and local economies.

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