Triumph underwear interactive drama week opened in Shanghai focused on the new female sensualism

(November 24, 2011, Shanghai) The Contemporary Art Center, an interactive drama focusing on the new sensuality of modern urban women, tailored by internationally renowned underwear brand Triumph , is here. This is a unique interactive drama composed of creative forms such as customized drama, urban phantom street shooting, creative fitting room, female salon coffee bar ... It perfectly restores the modern urban women's living conditions and you will find that in the metropolis In every corner, women are confident to interpret their own new sexy style. And this unique form of performance also ignited the enthusiasm of the spectators, more well-known artists Li Ai and Liu Yan, cultural creative man Kan, well-known stylist Van Gogh and others at the scene, and ordinary consumers, in the "bustling metropolis Street View ", the experience of urban women for a new definition of sexy, begin a self-confidence close to my sexy journey.

黛安芬 - Triumph

It is understood that in the prelude to the drama, Triumph brand on the network for up to three months of sexy discussions, nearly a million women participated in the discussion in China to promote a participant in the millions Women's awareness of the new sexy and sharing activities, so that female friends through the point of view to express their new sexy attitude. These clear-cut and witty views have triggered deep thinking about sexy and feminine beauty. The story of the three actresses in the drama is derived from the story of netizens. This drama simulates female life and urban scenes, and the audience close communication, triggering a discussion of new sexy and thinking. The exhibition will be open to the general public from November 25 to November 27, allowing visitors to participate in events and share new and sensual attitudes on the site. Triumph seeks to convey the new sensual concept through customized drama: "No matter who you are, No matter where you are, you are unique, sexy is no longer the helplessness of the male world catered, not just short-term youth in time for pleasure, self-confidence to express themselves is the real sexy, new sexy is to be yourself!

Underwear in the name of sexy underwear to create an interactive drama

Underwear as the most important sexy symbol of women, the evolution of the process also represents the evolution of women's sexy history. Triumph, a 125-year-old man who originated with modern underwear, began to express his understanding of women through underwear in 1886. Starting from a small home-based career, Triumph has traveled around the world in 120 countries , Continue to encourage and help women find their own unique light, create their own self-confidence, the perfect bloom of new sexy!

As one of the highlights of this event, the customized drama "Blooming City New Sensibility" shows modern women's sensibility in sexuality through documentary and comic plots and performances. From shyness to reluctance to mention blind imitation, it finally finds Belongs to his new sexy journey. Four urban women in the drama about sexy sensibilities, whether it is immersed in their own world Yo, lost in love Mina, or the workplace has gone through stormy Lisa, sexy has its own unique interpretation of the female cafe Under the guidance of the owner Soso finally understand that, whether it is the body curve or inner wisdom, show your unique personality charm is the sexy attitude of urban women. The witty language, unique personality shaping, depicting the four in the city looking for new sexy women, whimsy of the drama creative sister opening party, the final scene of the passion triggered by the presence of all the people infected .

Immersive pursuit of true self-confident sexy journey

More fun scene, imaginative creative fitting room to create your own new sexy style, the participants in a closed professional studio, you can self-timer, enjoy the release, to show their own sexy charm. And in the studio, people can put their own sexy image publicity, and leave their own new sexy point of view "Life is short, you must be sexy!", "I am sexy, but has nothing to do with you!" "Do yourself the most sexy" Visitors' comments on the graffiti wall make people feel the new sexy life attitude and personality attitude of modern urban women. The new sexy has become a part of life.

After the drama ended, Triumph advertising and promotion manager Li Jie said: "Triumph 125 years of brand history is the show of worship and care of women and we hope to bring female friends is not only physical care, but also want to keep with them Close thought exchange Through the previous survey, we found that Chinese women lack confidence in themselves, and many women have misunderstandings and misconceptions about sexy.With this activity, we want to establish deeper ties and communication with Chinese women. Each woman is unique, no matter your body curve or inner wisdom, represents a unique self, modern metropolis women should bravely bloom this self, be yourself, the most sexy!

She added: "We hope this real dialogue in real life will inspire more women to better understand themselves and show themselves in the hope of opening up a rich, intelligent Inclusive stage, where every woman can bloom a unique new sexy charm. Three months of micro-blogging operations, so that we have their own fans, more than a million people involved in our activities to the micro Bo platform to become our bridge with consumers, in this platform, brand thinking and individual thinking has been infinitely refracted, and Triumph - "Be yourself, the most sexy! "The idea also incorporates into thinking about Chinese women's life attitude through practice."

黛安芬内衣互动话剧周在沪开幕 聚焦女性新性感主义

New sexy women representatives Li Ai, Liu Yan Qingqing help out

Supermodel Li Ai and known as the sexy anchorwoman Liu Yan, as the event guests attended the opening ceremony of the day, not only in the field with everyone involved in the interactive drama, it is involved, and with millions of users to share The scene of surprise and sentiment. When talking about sexy, Li Ai said: "I used to think that sexy was a kind of dress, and later I found that sexy was a gesture. Now I really agree that sexy is actually an attitude. It does not mean to please anyone. Age do nothing .. Do yourself, the most sexy! Like the audience wrote on the graffiti wall: 'I am sexy, but has nothing to do with you!' I appreciate this courage to do their new sexy attitude!

Yan passionate sexy anchorwoman Yan Liu talked about sexy, think he is very sexy: "People often only see my business line, I see the sexy face, but the real sexy is my dedication!" Liu Yan think : "Sexy is no longer the traditional sense of breasts and offensive, sexy is a proud expression of being a woman, it has been extended from the bust to the mind, from the hair infiltrate into the mind, from the eyes extended to the horizon, I think the new sexy is The highest appreciation of women. " Liu Yan and users interact, said: "I enjoy the new sexy, I will wear the most sexy underwear, immediately where no one can see, but also generously praise their perfect body I would like to say: For any woman, We can all be goddesses of our own! "


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