Join "Blue Ocean" together to create this belongs to the "woman" career

European fans Purcell brand positioning in the era of the wheel of the garama, women's role in society has quietly changed. Many of the social responsibilities that belong to men are replaced by women, and in the cities more and more women disguise themselves in "neutral" fashion as we have seen.
But is this what they want?

加盟“蓝海” 一同创建这份属于“女人”的事业

"Ou Fu Saier" is born in the tide of this era. It inherits the retro style and luxury of romantic European women's clothing style, through the washing of the individual color of the water, exquisite embroidery, draping flat fold, fine crumpled rich palace style design; so that every one dressed in "European charm Purcell "woman to find the true nature of her heart, thus triggering the innermost thirst for the most vulnerable to your heart: charming woman.

加盟“蓝海” 一同创建这份属于“女人”的事业

The 21st century is the fastest-growing era of mankind's history and the role of women will usher in a change. With the changing women's inner needs, they are the market opportunities we have found. By satisfying this opportunity, The value of "Ou Meixel" exists. We have used our practical experience to see the wide market we saw in front of you. We sincerely invite you to join us in "Blue Ocean" to create this "women" business.

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