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Guangdong Meisi underwear Wu Yanfen underwear

Three sewing machines started from scratch

Reporter: I am honored to be invited to today, Miss Mei, chairman of Guangdong Meisi underwear Co., Ltd. Chairman Wu please say hello to our netizens.

Wu Yanfen: Hello everybody, everyone netizens Hello everybody.

Reporter: Meisi underwear was founded in 1988, experienced more than 20 years of experience, has now become the Nanhai enterprises in the largest underwear business, you think the United States made the current scale and success of the most important elements of where?

Wu Yanfen: Maysi has now run for 23 years, the greatest gain and experience is able to work together with our employees to grow. I remember in our company more than 10 years of staff, especially in the management of many high-level are like this, we have a strong cohesion, the heart is very homogeneous, I believe that in the development of enterprises there must be a bunch of backbone power.

For the development of enterprises I feel divided into several stages, the beginning was started in 1988, relying on three sewing machines, relying on their own hard work.

Then the second stage is to do the brand stage in 2000, we were also relatively vague at home earlier to do such underwear, we are feeling the stones across the river, the original wholesale market compiled, and then into the regional agency Market, take this brand development path, it should be said that after nearly 10 years of market development, we now have two very strong brand of the market network, the United States and the two brands Ting now add up to almost 3000 outlets , Are running our brand.

Therefore, in addition to deepening the market and deepening the gold content and added value of the brand in the third phase, the company has stepped up to a higher level and we hope to take an intensive development. Therefore, we voted for one of Foshan City 10 years ago Guarantee company. In 2010, the company invested another high-tech enterprise and made some products with energy-saving frequency conversion. It hopes to find a better development platform in the process of industrial restructuring and industrial upgrading with the progress of society.

Acting with brand clients is a sister-like relationship

Reporter: Mithra now has a network of 3,000, which experienced the process of your impressive event?

Wu Yanfen: Meisi company's development is to take the steady, steady development of the road, we did not say a sudden a very big move, but with customers, especially Messers acting clients are many years of friends, we can become a sister , Become friends, we trust each other, understand each other, and then plan the implementation of market network expansion in the market network.

Our two brands of customers, there are 2, 3 times a year back to the company to participate in product orders, including training activities, we nationwide marketing staff or shopping guide training or sub-regional training activities, so from the corporate culture and brand communication The spread of culture is very close with the client agent.

How to absorb more high-end talent is the bottleneck

Reporter: Development up to now, now the company has encountered some bottlenecks?

Wu Yanfen: The bottleneck of the current level of the United States should be the team building, how to absorb more high-end talent, and then the growth of the brand which a marketing and marketing strategy positioning. Then there is the cost. As we all know, all kinds of cost enterprises are under great pressure. Employees not only pay for their wages, but also other benefits, including working hours. These changes are actually very big for the enterprises A pressure.

Reporter: Now talent competition between enterprises is very intense, do you think Meas company can retain the best of the best staff where?

Wu Yanfen: I think Meas company can retain the biggest advantage of talent is that the company can give our colleagues, to create a platform for our employees, so that more work in their own ability to innovate, and then in terms of goals, responsibilities and incentives Make better systems and processes to grow our people.

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