Mummy Star Children's Wear: blessing all over the world, thousands of happy

Bringing a good blessing to every child, the mission and responsibility of Mammy's star children's wear is to pass on this blessing which contains health, nature, beauty, science and love. Let every element beneficial to the baby be integrated into every product, so as to bless the healthy, beautiful and happy growth of the children through the messengers delivered from all over the world to the world of the mother and children. According to countless mothers of parenting experience, the key is to wear children's clothing comfortable, comfortable to give children endless health; and lively is the embodiment of children's innocence and happiness. So in the design of children's wear, "Mammy's star" first consideration is to wear comfortable, lively style. But the biggest difference from other brands is that "Mammy's star" is born to promote children's integrity and courage. Therefore, under the premise of being comfortable and lovely, the design of "Mammy's star" will interpret, to the greatest extent possible, a bright, publicity, Courage and other elements. Mammy's star is willing to join hands of people with lofty ideals to create a better future for Chinese children's clothing! Company Name: Dongguan Ju Cheng Fashion Co., Ltd. (Mammy's star) Children's clothing brand: Mammy's star (Mummy Star) Contact: Development Department Tel: Fax: Address: Shijie Town, Dongguan City, Southwest Management District Second Industrial Zone official website:

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