Ching Man women release a new era of women's sensual charm

BINMAN full of young and personal style of art fusion of space, with the new dressing philosophy combined with high-quality materials and exquisite handmade as the main appeal of the goods to show a unique fashion style, the development of both creative and practical Of the young products, BINMAN interpretation of many ways, wonderful material handling skills show the perfect clothing line tailoring style, to provide a wide range of wearing sales experience, give the pursuit of nature, the release of sensual charm of the new era of women.

缤蔓女装 释放新时代女性感性魅力

Elegant and elegant in the long section of the dress, using knitted fabrics, upper body more comfortable, split the front and back pieces of clothing design, can well modify the body curve, super body, the back with this year's hot lace to decorate, vaguely Revealed a bit elegant little sexy, overall upper body without a sense of restraint, very obvious temperament, a star style.

缤蔓女装 释放新时代女性感性魅力

Simple and stylish personality shirt, personalized reverse design, the ring after the ride, wear a distinctive charm, with the built-in white cute, shiny hot drilling, beautiful without limit.

缤蔓女装 释放新时代女性感性魅力

Elegant chiffon plus post-processing flocking wave point, a very bright piece of fabric, workmanship is the use of skirts on the wire technology, car with a special car out of the overall skirt body shape, style, fresh and sweet.

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