21. PLUS Fashion Women's 2011 Spring Summer Press Conference is coming soon

21.PLUS is a sister franchise brand after the precipitation of BEANS for more than ten years. It uses the BEANS direct retail system to operate in reverse to promote the upgrade of the entire 21.PLUS franchise system. It integrates BEANS's experience in many years of operation. , And in recent years, China's foreign fast-growing clothing brand model, improved after the introduction of the franchise brand, and strive to maximize the protection of franchisees interests, and create a win-win situation.

21. PLUS Fashion Women's 2011 Spring Summer Press Conference is coming soon

21.PLUS originated from BEANS (Beans) Garment Co., Ltd. BEAS settled in Shenzhen in 1999 and established a diversified production and trade development enterprise integrating design, production and sales. Focusing on providing products and services to fashion-conscious individuals who have focused on quality, they have devoted themselves to creating “available luxury goods” for consumers. The company has won the trust and favor of consumers by virtue of its new products of more than a thousand quarters per quarter, its striking store image, and its many advantages in its “fashion, professional, and efficient” operating team.

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