Interwoven stretch fabrics market transactions

Shengze City, the color of the fabric market is concerned about the variety of new varieties should be the number of North Market should be the city of "composite wire elastic cloth", with its superior appearance, high quality, comfortable wearing and other unique strengths has attracted the attention of North and South merchants. Nowadays, spot trading and futures trading keep pace. This fabric uses 100D polyester composite wire, 40S polyester-cotton yarn, 100D cationic yarn, 40D spandex core-spun yarn as raw material, use corrugated fine lattice structure, weave on rapier loom, Dyeing and finishing the main process of finishing. This cloth not only has the style and characteristics of chemical fiber fabrics, but also the comfort and softness of cotton-containing fabrics, in addition, it also has elastic stretch of spandex fabric. Can be described as one stroke more fashion fabrics. The fabric width of 148cm, about 280 grams per meter cloth, the current market price of 18.00 yuan per meter cloth up and down, suitable for the production of men and women Casual Wear, pants, vest vest and women's suits, dresses and other apparel.

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