How to choose a good bedding

A selected fabric: The true quality of the fabric is derived from its count and number. 1) The higher the yarn count, the finer the yarn and the better the uniformity of the yarn. The thinner the fabric woven with such yarn, the softer and more comfortable the fabric. 2) The larger the numbe ......Reading more

Short winter jacket with was significantly higher with …

Few fat little girls will find ways to make yourself thinner, even if only a little bit of effect is also willing to try, in addition to diet, from the point of view with the dress can also be to a large extent to the fat little children to alleviate a little upset. Short section of the jacket wit ......Reading more

Behind TIMEABLE fashion business men's birth

The current Chinese men's wear is experiencing a trend of formal casual wear. Although the concept of "business casual wear" has been in full swing in China's high-end menswear market, there are still many gaps in the brand's core design issues. The managers of the TIMEABLE br ......Reading more

Donna karan Donna Karen 2014 early autumn women's n…

Donna karan Donna Karen 2014 Women's new early autumn, Donna Karan, the famous American fashion designer, Donna Karan New York and the founder of the DKNY clothing brand. She is an outwardly peaceful and unassuming woman, in order to diversify her costume kingdom. Donna karan Donna Karen 2014 ......Reading more

Li Chen led the stars testimony Bosideng double warm ma…

A culturally connotative brand can attract more attention and love. Bosideng is such a brand. It is well-known for creating a warm brand for the down apparel industry. Public welfare is the best way to bring personal warmth. Perhaps it is the warm connotation that is rooted in the brand, which touc ......Reading more

Down fabric type

(1) waterproof coating (laminated) fabric This type of fabric is somewhat similar to the Jackets fabric, has waterproof and moisture-permeable properties, and is generally used in professional alpine down jackets. But the difference is that the overall fabric will be thinner and softer th ......Reading more