Inferior home textiles or decomposition of carcinogens

Home textiles exist in every space of our lives, and some have "close contact" with us every day, such as bedding, cushions, etc. Experts remind that if the home textile products are not produced according to national standards, they will cause harm to the body and even cause cancer. W ......Reading more

Seaweed can also make clothing

Recently, the only textile new material combining sea and land in the "blue economic circle" jointly developed by Zibo Niqier Textile Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Daxun--self-inflammable clothing of seaweed fiber is about to come to the market. The revolutionary h ......Reading more

YCMD Ying Caidi casual wear spring 2013 new series with…

Golden Snake spring, spring, marching happy beat in early spring, fashion people have long been replaced by a colorful spring. New Year begins, changing clothes, so that they stand out. In the spring of 2013, YCMD made extensive use of rich colors to express YCMD's spring, bright blue and pure ......Reading more

Wei Si Man women's Spring Festival abandoned her bo…

" Wei Si Man " women's brand has always been for life, the pursuit of fashion design and production of urban women's most tasteful apparel, the first store opened in 1998 in Zhuhai, China. Today, Wei Siman has hundreds of large concept stores, began to engage in brand research an ......Reading more

Do you really use hand sanitizer?

It has been recognized that washing hands is not a trivial matter. It is related to our physical health and plays an extremely important role in preventing diseases. Therefore, we must adhere to "washing hands" as a good health habit. However, experts have warned that the quality of ha ......Reading more

Lovri Lively fashion down jacket filled with always fas…

Lovy Lively woman world, is a spiritual and spiritual journey of wisdom, endless taste, endless aftertaste. They are suitable for 20-45-year-old intellectual and beauty-loving woman, both beauty and wisdom, mature and see the experience of the calendar, everywhere blooming their more delicate and ......Reading more

Design leading the fashion Islay to pay tribute to the …

At the beginning of the new year, the Islay reported to the public that many kinds of new products launched in 2012 made great sales and the sales in the market rose steadily, laying confidence in the future development. Among them, the 2012 new listing of three-dimensional collar quilted short ERA ......Reading more