Summer Men's Fashion Trends "Shoes" cool …

Ben Wang said on August 1st that the shape of a pair of slippers and T-shirt is too fashionable. How can it be cool and stylish? This is indeed a problem. However, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. It is better to look at what shoes are popular this summer. The first is t ......Reading more

Continuation of the girlhood K · Pure taste by the sho…

The best part of a woman's life is in her teenage days, full of bright visions and expectations of the future under her youthful and beautiful stances. K · purely show the women's major girl series, despite the age can not control, but the young attitude can be in their own hands, no ol ......Reading more

Summer hole shoes knowledge

In the summer, many people like to wear hole shoes. Does the hole-hole shoes have any harm to our feet? Xiao Bian here to share with you a little knowledge of hole shoes \ (^ o ^) / ~ Hole hole shoes disease hazard Dr. Hilary Brenner, spokesperson for the American Academy of Podiatry and ......Reading more

Pink Blue Wardrobe Fashion Music Explosion Service Meet…

- Fashion show turned into a fashion musical In July 2013, the Shenzhen Fashion Fair staged a creative opening ceremony with fashion musicals. The blue and blue wardrobe fashion group used this world’s first art form to break the conventional pattern of past fashion shows, and also put art ......Reading more

Summer mash-ups boom sneakers return favored

Ben Wang, July 29 hearing, with the return of the sportsmanship, the streets of this summer can be seen everywhere sports fans tide outfit. In the first phase of following the sport, if you have already bought oversize sports T-shirts. Then in the second stage, Xiao Bian's strongly recommended ......Reading more

Guan Ying endorses the appearance of underwear brand Ma…

Underwear brand Madang Maduo launched the new spring/summer 2013 'Juicy V'. Apart from presenting the traditional French sweet style of this season's merchandise, the concept design of merchandise was added to the elements of the French macarons dessert, as if it were French desserts. - ......Reading more

High Family Paternity Loving journey

There are many things in the life of people to accompany us, there are thoughts, concerns, is affection, but also love, parent-child equipment, for both we are strangers and familiar with a stranger who we should be with, who are familiar with us, when we With family, with children, but also with c ......Reading more