Brand Women's Spring 2012 new summer conference wil…

codes combine brand women's spring and summer 2012 new conference will be held on September 25 in Shanghai grand release. Look forward to the arrival of major franchisees and agents to share the fashion event! Code combine is derived from South Korea's European-style fashion. Advocate to a ......Reading more

Offside juvenile equipment to give the real clothing cu…

Off-year youth equipment positioning as "high-end quality, mid-range price," locking second and third tier cities in the pursuit of fashion and taste of the target customer base, through the guidance of sophisticated consumer ideas to achieve "always concerned about the healthy growt ......Reading more

Jingdezhen Ceramic Art Masters Invitational Exhibition …

The "Millennium Kiln Fired in South Guangdong - 2011 Jingdezhen Master Pottery Boutique Invitational Exhibition" hosted by the Wendelian City and the Guangdong Chinese Culture Promotion Association and the Zhuhai Baijia Collection Jingdezhen Ceramic Art Museum will be held from A ......Reading more

Casot Popular Book: Spring and Summer 2011 Trend Review…

Summer Sonata has slowly coming to an end, we can not help to stay away from clothing beautiful feel reluctant to part with, let us look back spring and summer of 2011 Picasso 's popular books. Avatar-style military adventure is undoubtedly the most disruptive popular language, whether it is h ......Reading more

UNIKON - OL pet life

UNIKON - An ordinary woman wearing a body can be a fashion model, because of its "noble quality, popular consumer price" has become the darling of today's urban career women chase, indispensable in the wardrobe of a beautiful landscape. That winter of 2007, London's fashion stor ......Reading more

Dress Up Tips Tips Shoes Search

This site July 6 hearing, summer, every MM will pick a few pairs of their favorite sandals, when buying, in addition to attention to the popular style of sandals, but also take into account their own feet, so buy the sandals is The most suitable for their own, in order to maximize their own feet t ......Reading more

Qiqiao Qiao take the streets, models have models

Cotton blend fabric, breathable and comfortable! ~ Legs lace and lace! ~ Very cute! There are also white laces on the belt! Soft tube top striped skirt skirt! Soft and flexible! Feel very good! ~ Tube top skirt, flexibility is very good! ~ for a variety of body! ~ Super dress! Pure white chiffon ......Reading more